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Poll Sugestion

June 17 2019

In relation to the council offices location comments above, perhaps the LWB could make their next weekly public forum question “Should the new council offices be in the middle of town or Frankton.”
Just saying.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Thanks for your suggestion, see this week’s question.

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  • Stop and Think

    Would this be a binding or non binding referendum?

    Posted 18/06/2019 10:40am (4 months ago)

  • Daniel

    Stop and Think - Sadly it will be non-binding. Current voting is trending towards Frankton at over 80% but the people in the council who control the spending have other ideas. They have decided that we need an almighty criss-cross system in town linking the Gondola with the Gardens in one direction and the lakefront with the top of Ballarat St (the Mall) in the other direction. And what do they want to be at the top of this great criss-cross town idea? - Their new offices of course - presumably so us peasants can walk past tipping our hats to their greatness!

    Posted 19/06/2019 3:30pm (4 months ago)

  • Tick Tock

    Daniel,You are correct and one of the wackos that purporting this sort of nonsense, is jumping ship to be a shoe in at the ORC,who be all accounts are even more dysfunctional than the QLDC.
    Perhaps now that the publisher of the LWB is no longer going to be one of the current Mayors groupies perhaps he can provide for a more balanced view in his guest editorials, including one on why having a the QLDC edifice on Stanley Street would be a financial and town planning disaster..

    Posted 20/06/2019 4:19pm (4 months ago)