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Police the roads

February 3 2020

The major problem with driving here is the total lack of policing the road rules, both for locals and tourists. The Police just do not police the rules. Example:- Every day when I ride my bike to work, I see at least 8 people texting or on their phones while driving. You see it all day long. People driving down Shotover St all using their phones NOTHING is ever done about it. Example:- people (mostly locals) running red lights. Yesterday I was sitting on a red light in Ballarat St / Stanley St. The Stanley St traffic had the green light, it turned orange, and a local tour company bus was approx 45 metres from the intersection. What did the driver do? He gunned it and accelerated through. When he hit the intersection he was going approx 60kph, and entered the intersection approx 3 seconds after it had turned red, as he hit the intersection, the green pedestrian light came on - this sort of thing happens countless times each and every day. Again, NOBODY polices it. Example:- Not stopping at STOP signs at intersections. It is the norm here to slow up and coast through STOP signs. Again, I see it each and every day the Police do nothing about it. Example:- Failing to indicate. This town would be one of the worst places on planet earth for drivers failing to indicate (and again, I’m talking about locals). What needs to happen here is for the police to actually POLICE the rules. They spend 99 percent of the time looking for drunk drivers and speedsters. They need to put a bit of effort into the basics as well or get someone else to do the basics for them.

There’s no point in having road rules if nobody polices them.

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