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Petrol Prices

October 8 2018

Holy he**, $2.55 a litre for fuel this morning. When are we going to rise up at these crazy prices. For most of us we have to drive– we are being ripped off because we are a tourist town.
The excuse about transport costs doesn’t cut it… Bring on the revolution.
Petrol Head

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  • Hop,Skip and Jump

    There was an interesting comment in News Media that today the price difference in fuel between the lower cost per litre in Cromwell even allowing for the extra freight does not justify the extra cost in Queenstown.
    While there clearly is a case for the Commerce Commission to have a good look at this and other areas of concern. However, after many years of inaction, it appears this Toothless Tiger now needs more legislation to deal with what clearly appears to be blatant price fixing and International cost transferring to increase the New Zealand pump prices and avoid or minimise their taxation.
    of course, you can ask why has the Labour Government and their mate's done bugger all. Perhaps its because the fuel tax works as a percentage of sales and we know how they love to tax, it's in there DNA. Further, how can you from the back of a ministerial limo with fuel paid for by taxpayer feel the hurt or the need to do something about this rort.
    You also may ask where is our Mayor and councillors, who profess their love of the downtrodden by assisting SHA consents to the big end of town, strangely silent. Perhaps someone will be so kind as to suggest to these worthies that there was ever a time to lead, this is it.

    Posted 08/10/2018 5:16pm (7 months ago)


    Queen Jacinda and her cohorts only take 53 percent out of every dollar we pay for petrol....what are you all worrying about???? They have to take it, so that they can stop child poverty......

    Posted 08/10/2018 8:54pm (7 months ago)