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Pedestrian Lives Matter!

December 17 2018

As I’m walking to work, I see a cargo truck speeding down the road, turning the corner from Rees St. to Beach St. (ironically right outside the building with Lakes Weekly). It purposely pulls up less than a meter away from a pedestrian crossing the road, and honks for what felt like a full minute! This driver is mad!! 

Pedestrians obviously cannot see what is coming for them from Rees St. when they are trying to cross Beach St. I recall a few months ago, I was guiding a young child across that same corner, and a driver angrily mouths at me behind closed windows, “Get out of the street!!!”

I’ve seen crazy drivers on this corner countless times! They need to realise the obvious, that pedestrians don’t move as quickly as cars do, so they need to take care when turning this blind corner right in the middle of town where it should be obvious that there will always be people crossing the road.

We need to get zebra crossing there or something!, because one day, someone is going to get hurt, if not killed!!

Action Needed

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