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Parking problems

December 1 2020

Did you know that parking in a bus stop or a taxi stand can’t include pulling over and stopping and not even getting out of the car.

I have recently visited Queenstown and was given two tickets within an hour of each other for pulling over in an empty taxi stand and letting my passengers off. Never leaving the vehicle and leaving the park within two minutes, and then returning one hour later to pick them up from an empty bus stop.

Once again, never leaving the vehicle, never turning the vehicle off and leaving the empty bus stop within two minutes. When you have young children, or children with intellectual disabilities (as is my case) dropping them and family members off close to the venue is very important

. But apparently, stopping even for less than two minutes is worthy of a parking ticket. Very very unhappy with the Queenstown Lakes District Council and their very ridiculous rules regarding parking, CCTV footage, and the inability to understand the struggles of parents of children with special needs.

Unbelievably - we were also ticketed for parking outside the dairy - 3/4 of the vehicle inside the park, back wheels out of the park - another $60 please. I have indeed lodged a request to waive these parking tickets, but “Agent 158” (not even prepared to sign their name) says they have to be clear and consistent with their enforcement strategy and I still have to pay 2/3 tickets!!! One way to boost revenue.

Marina Seager

QLDC Response

Since government deregulation of the taxi industry, Queenstown’s large visitor population and busy CBD have attracted a number of unlicensed “taxis” which have caused some serious issues. We have had reports of passengers feeling threatened or unsafe, being grossly overcharged and a number of issues between the long standing companies and those new to the town and the industry. Aside from the obvious serious safety issues, these problems have the potential to cause massive reputational damage to our town which is reliant on tourism.

In response, QLDC has developed a taxi permit system whereby a limited number of permits are issued and space on taxi stands is reserved solely for these permit holders. The revenue from the permits is channelled back into the monitoring of these spaces. In short, we monitor taxi stands to ensure our residents and visitors are given as much protection as possible when getting into a taxi.

Similarly, we are aiming to protect staff by not disclosing their identity when responding to parking infringement complaints. The sad reality is that officers have been stalked and threatened by customers who feel aggrieved by a parking ticket.

If you feel you have received a ticked unfairly, you can choose to appeal it. More information can be found on our website at

  • steve

    In regard to the letter about parking in this weeks LWB I have copied a very recent email I sent to QLDC with almost exactly the same issues- we also received 2 parking tickets within an hour for a pick up and drop off that took about 2 seconds at a taxi stand...

    "The two parking tickets are connected. At 18.45 pm my partner dropped me off outside Domino s pizza restaurant. The car was left running, my partner remained in the vehicle and I immediately exited the vehicle to enter the Domino s pizza shop. He dropped me off here as it was safer than stopping in the lane to drop me off, the entire area was empty and it was after 6 pm. We did not understand the signage which said that small vehicles were permitted- the drop off period took a few seconds and my partner immediately drove off to pick up my twin sons who were elsewhere.

    I then entered the pizza shop and ordered two take away pizzas to feed my children - we did this to minimise the time taken to organise food for them as they have ADHD and cannot tolerate waiting well, this seemed to us the best option to reduce stress all round. After picking my children up my partner drove back around to the Domino s store again to pick me up- I walked out of the store and immediately got into the car and we drove away- again the car remained on, my partner remained in the car and the whole process took a few seconds. This happened at 7.10 pm.

    We were shocked when we received two parking tickets for $80 for a less than 2 second pick up and drop off. We have lived in town for 20 years and the traffic in the town centre at the moment is very low due to the lack of tourists- at both the drop off and pick up the entire area outside the store was totally empty, we were in a small vehicle , not a truck and we did not park, it was simply a drive by drop off. The fact that we could be charged $80 for a few seconds pick up and drop off seems ridiculous. "

    We were waived one ticket but still had to pay for one of them.

    Posted 01/12/2020 10:39am (1 year ago)

  • Lizzie Buchanan

    To be able to drive in NZ you would have had to complete some study on the NZ Road Code.. it is quite clear with the signage that the parking areas are CCTV monitored basically, if you don't understand the signage, it is not for you, and you shouldn't stop or park there. Take some responsibility as taxis pay $500 for a permit to use these spaces and you haven't therefore have no right whatsoever to use or block these spaces. You should consider yourself luck that one of the tickets was waived. Have lived here for 30+ years and never had a ticket, doesn't take much to take a bit of care and time to check the signs and road markings when looking for a park or a place to pull over.

    Posted 07/12/2020 2:36pm (1 year ago)