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Parking For Work - What A Nightmare It Has Become.

November 19 2018

I start work in town just after 8am. I find it hard most days to find a free park to park in while I am at work. I leave home around 7:30am to make my commute - it takes 45 minutes to get to town, find a park and walk to work and be on time. If I wanted to pay for parking while at work and have a long commute - I would live in Auckland. But I don’t... I live in a magnificent town in the South Island. I don’t want to pay for parking or have a long commute.

I would catch the bus, but I live in Shotover Country and buses in the afternoon are only every hour, so I would have to wait 40 minutes at the Frankton bus shelter for the bus to Shotover Country, which I am not prepared to do. I could walk my dog and do other productive things with my time. Over this summer I am going to be heavily pregnant and I am already a bit stressed about parking and walking during the busy summer months, sometimes Park St is full too! I know I am not the only one, I see the struggle of people, workers or QRC students trying Brisbane St, then the gardens, then resigning themselves to Park St or somewhere else. While Coronation Drive parks lie empty - all day, everyday. Since it became paid parking, no one parks there anymore.

I have lots of parking tickets at the moment - sometimes I haven’t found a park and tried to park all day in the Gardens which is only 4 hours or something like that. I have stopped enjoying my games with parking wardens now, I need a final solution. So when I am heavily pregnant over summer, my thought is to park at Frankton (sorry Frankton residents!) and catch the bus in, hopefully that will alleviate my parking issues in the meantime. I just hate working in town now. I want to get a job at the airport or something, even though I love my job - the same job I have had for 5 years.

I hope the council considers making more all day parking for workers, change the status of places like Coronation Drive where the parking scheme is obviously not working and get a more regular bus timetable out to Shotover and Lake Hayes! The reason for traffic jams out there in the afternoon around the Pak n Save roundabout is because everyone still has to drive! I for one would love to catch the bus - just make it easy for me please!! All day free pregnancy car-parking in Ballarat carpark would also work for me. :-)

Annoyed Employee Of Central QT And Ratepayer


Response From QLDC

Thanks for your comments and congratulations on your impending arrival! We’re sorry to hear you are feeling stressed about parking and have a few options you could think about. The Boundary Street and Recreation Ground carparks offer parking for just $1 an hour. Another potential option could be joining an existing carpooling group – talk to colleagues, try social media and see if there are any groups out there that might suit. Regarding the frequency of the Lake Hayes Estate bus route, we strongly encourage you to give feedback to Orbus about this. We’d also like to assure you that we’re working hard with our friends at Otago Regional Council and New Zealand Transport Agency to address the transport challenges we’re all facing as a community to, like you say, make things easier for the people that live here. There’s lots of information on the QLDC website outlining the work that’s underway. Check out Hope you find this helpful

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