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April 21 2020

Fishing spotting now a sport

Fishing spotting now a sport

The calm days of Autumn and the stillness of the lakes have inspired trout to untangle from the weeds and loiter among the surface of Lake Wakatipu. Schools of trout have been spotted along the narrow walking trail of Kelvin Heights which (ironically) gives a heightened advantage for viewing. Some residents have been unable to fight the urgent and have been caught out for casing a line in.




Don’t forget your roots, my friend

27 days without going to the hairdresser has caused distress among salon socialites. Grey hair-producing women are mortified as sights of regrowths start to take over the roots. Fail touch-ups attempts using box dye has already swept the net world wide.

Dont forget your roots my friend

A Hamilton lady went viral after using a knife to re-fresh her hair-do. Her video a desperate plea to get out of isolation. Reports confirm she’s happy with the mullet.

Hamilton lady



Hunting 5G Aotearoa

Hunting 5G Aotearoa

Local tinheads start there own lockdown webseries - Hunting 5G Aotearoa.
Episode 1 gathered over 2,000 views, 9 shares and 49 comments of support. A comedic pisstake of Maori TV’s Hunting Aotearoa, their shows aim is to hunt down 5G cellular networks and set social media traps. The use of tinfoil in props is impressive.

  • steve mcdonald

    in the current climate, surely Queenstown as it is now is unsustainable.
    how long are we going to wait and subsidise low vaiue migrant labour.
    they were only ever on TMEPORARY visas anyway so i cna't understand the hand-wringing and bleating about NZ being their home now...
    they have a is not here.....and if we are going to subsidies them, it shoud by way of a one-way ticket back to where they came from.

    Posted 21/04/2020 8:22pm (2 years ago)

  • YourNameHere

    @Steve McDonald (had a farm?)
    You are aware that migrant or not every worker pays their taxes right? So why the f*ck only kiwis should be entitled to welfare - which was partially paid for using migrant's taxes?
    Also even if they did want to return to their country of origin NZ's BORDERS ARE CLOSED you ignorant twat!!
    So 1) kiwis are all too happy to get their dole paid by migrant's taxes but want migrants to leave?
    And 2) even if they wanted to leave they have to wait unemployed spending all their life savings to keep local economy going because the government wouldn't allow them to leave when they still had their savings?
    Sod off you entitled wanker...

    Posted 24/04/2020 7:45pm (2 years ago)

  • Lady Gaga

    Dear Steve,

    I am writing to you in order to point out how regrettable your comment was.
    The world is passing through an awful situation, and you are not willing to help humans just because they are low skilled migrants? Seriously? Those people are humans, and does not matter if they are low skilled or high.

    They have the same rights as human beings. Also because they work hard as heck, most of them do the job which us, kiwis, don't like to do such as hospitality (cleaners) and retail workers. They have been the people in charge of keeping Queenstown on for years! You should thank them.
    In additional, a lot of people can not go home because the airports are closed arould the world.
    Next time you should think a little bit before posting a ridiculous comment.
    Have a great one
    Lady Gaga

    Posted 24/04/2020 7:50pm (2 years ago)