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Outdoor Nation

December 3 2018

As New Zealanders we are proud of our country and are a very active nation. Almost everybody is into something active and what is more impressive is the variety of whats always been available here.

What sport are you into? Kayaking, Climbing, Fishing, Sailing, Hiking, Mountaineering, Skiing, Snowboarding, Mountainbiking, Paddleboarding, Paragliding, Surfing, Ski touring, Team sports: Soccer, RUGBY. At what point is Health and Safety going to stop us from getting out and enjoying our backyard (Aotearoa)?

Queenstown was built on adventure not because of anything but the mountains, lakes and rivers we love so much. So, when health and safety shut’s the door on these resources for recreational users, these resources which are worth more than any business in New Zealand, it’s a sad day every time. I would like to ask where the support for the active kiwi is? The active kiwi that wants to get out and enjoy the sport he’s always done in the place he always did it, before the gate was shut by H&S.

From my experience the time and effort that people are forced to put in to keeping access to our backyard is exhausting and wasteful. If it’s crossing a paddock to get to your favourite fishing hole. Going Rock climbing within DOC Leased land, ski touring on a station or DOC lease, practicing soccer in the neighbour’s empty section, driving up an access road to go paragliding or getting to your favourite surf spot.

If you are a member of a club or enjoy a sport without being a member stop and think about how much it takes to keep recreational activity happening in NZ. Don’t ignore their efforts and pitch in everywhere you can because it will take everyone and everything to keep our country open to be enjoyed.

Frustrated Kiwi

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