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Out with the old WWII Siren

February 17 2020

Why do we still have this old system. I live in Darfield with no mountains surrounding me but still the siren goes off more frequently than I would like. Especially when the entire community is asleep. My toddler runs scared of the sound and if it bothers them than I’m sure it affects most families. I understand that the sirens are effective but that also depends on which way the wind is blowing. So I too think that with all the technology available to us surely it’s time for change.

Start playing music, like Wakatipu High School

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  • Crash Victim

    If you're living in Dalefield, I'm sure you can afford a pair of ear plugs or double glazing.... pretty good technology that is...

    OR why you donate some money to your local fire service or better yet go buy them some technology so your horses can rest easy at night..

    Posted 18/02/2020 8:47am (1 month ago)


    No.....dont get rid of the siren.....its so much fun when American tourists hear it, and ask "whats that siren for?", and you can answer, "Oh, its those Russians attacking us again" and watch their reactions........

    Posted 18/02/2020 6:09pm (1 month ago)