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Obeying the speed limit

June 22 2020

The Speed limit going through Arthurs Point is now 70km then its down to 50km an hour before being back up to 80km an hour heading to Queenstown. This is the speed limit but seemingly not everyone either knows or agrees with it. Pretty much every day I slow down to 50km and whoever is traveling behind me obviously gets frustrated and impatient and typically feels its okay to drive right up close to my bumper, in an effort to speed me up or make me feel incredibly uncomfortable and yes silly just for doing the speed limit. While I agree 50 does sometimes seem a little slow in places, I don’t make the laws and I’m getting increasingly annoyed that while I’m doing the right thing by the law, others feel its okay to try to get me to speed up. Occasionally cars have even tried to overtake. This happened just recently prompting me to vent my frustration. Thoughts anyone?

Complying citizen

  • Cruiser

    Put it on cruise control at 50kph and let em pile up behind you, that's what I do.

    Posted 03/02/2021 11:03pm (1 year ago)