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Nutty Chaos

March 12 2018

I think it’s high time we took a look at how ridiculous it is that we cannot put any nut products in our children’s lunchboxes at primary school. The logic is ridiculous.

Some over protective mother who is probably high up in the PTA, who’s child has a nut allergy has made it not possible for hundreds of students not to have a bag of cashews? How about teaching your kid to be conscious of what they eat? Why should hundreds of parents not be able to supply nuts to their children? 

Have we forgotten how good nuts are for the human body, the healthy fats and slow release energy? So I have to give my child rubbish just to accommodate one child? With this logic, the child in question would not be able to walk down the aisles in the supermarket in the fear they might go into shock.

Any parents that stand with me on this issue should band together. Let’s not be shy, we can’t have this...


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  • chech

    Yeah for sure I fill my kids lunch box with crap too, just because I can not put nuts in it.....who gives a toss about the kids with sever reactions that are life threatening in some cases, bugger them my kids needs nuts at break time!!

    Also we need multiple multi story car parks for down town as my legs are painted on and i am unable to walk, bike or catch a bus...we have to get more cars into town, they are warm, have coffee holders and can charge my mind controlling device.....


    Posted 14/03/2018 11:16am (9 months ago)

  • I agree

    I agree, I can see nuts being banned at daycare's because small kids are constantly sharing / steeling food from each other. But by primary school parents should teach their kids that they can not eat foods that they are allergic to.

    Chech, you are an idiot.

    Posted 14/03/2018 7:36pm (9 months ago)

  • Danny Dyers Chocolate Homunculus

    Chech is an idiot.

    Posted 15/03/2018 9:02am (9 months ago)

  • Mossy

    My daughter has severe nut alergies and has to carry epi pens as a constant reminder of her condition. She 12 and has struggled to adjust to a society where we ignore the adverse impact our actions and words can have. I'm of an older generation that remebers how little was known medically about condutions like these which I'm convinced have been amplified by our use of pesticides in our food chain which we have developed.
    I understand why you may be frustrated with assisting in risk management through the removal of nuts, but is it not better to teach our children to be accepting of one another irrespective of race, religion or medical condition; to help each other as an inclusive society rather than promote exclusion through ignorance....what if this was your child !!

    Posted 15/03/2018 8:05pm (9 months ago)

  • Disagree

    Children learn through mistakes and exploring their surroundings, this is why as parents we remove lethal risks from their environment. I for one would be horrified if my child's school lunch was the cause of another child's hospitalisation. Let's try to keep schoolrooms inclusive and feed your kid their nuts at home. Its a small sacrifice for the safety of another child. And spare a thought for the parent that has to live in fear of their child going into anaphalatic shock; I cant imagine how scary that is!

    Posted 16/03/2018 9:25am (9 months ago)

  • Agree 2

    Children get hit by cars and cause hospitalisation, should we ban them too? Or should we teach our children not to run in to traffic? Where does it end?

    Posted 16/03/2018 11:56am (9 months ago)