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Not Just Traffic

February 4 2019

As Christmas and New Year has left us again, it seems the on going issues regarding pedestrians continues. I accept the traffic is busy especially down Shotover St however the on going issue with pedestrians just leaping out wherever and whenever just adds to the carnage.

When I grew up here in NZ I was taught the 10 second rule when approaching a pedestrian crossing. Wait then proceed if the car has stopped. Do not leap out, do not think you have right of way. Constantly pedestrians jay walk, they use the pedestrian islands that are not crossings and expect the traffic to stop and then if they do use the pedestrian crossings the majority just take their time, checking their cellphones or whatever. Meanwhile, the traffic line gets longer, people loose their cool and one day a pedestrian will be hurt and suddenly someone might listen.
We put lights in Stanley Street how about putting pedestrian lights in Shotover St and start enforcing the rule, you cannot cross the road between the triangles or a fine is payable.

The option is building pedestrian overbridges and also remove the pedestrian islands that are not linked to pedestrian crossings. I always stop at pedestrian crossings so try to do the right thing.

Queenstown, we got cheap buses to relieve the car issue, what do we do for the pedestrians? Some form of pedestrian enforcement would help make people aware what is allowable? I am at a lost that no one has tried to find a solution.


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  • Daniel

    Traffic and pedestrian issues are related. If they removed the pedestrian crossing at the corner of Shotover and Brecon St - outside the Night N Day - and replaced it with a pedestrian island where cars have right of way the entire CBD would flow so much better. On a busy day the steady flow of pedestrians crossing there on their way to or from Skyline is relentless so the traffic gets backed up in both directions, causing further blockages in other parts of the CBD. Strangely the traffic boffins in the council seem to be totally oblivious to this simple fact. They should sit down in the park diagonally opposite Fegburger and watch it sometime - Queenstown's traffic woes would be largely solved overnight.

    Posted 06/02/2019 2:11pm (5 months ago)