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Noise Pollution

April 8 2019

The time has come for the council to start clamping down on the next issue that has starting to creep into our quality of life here in Queenstown. Namely NOISE POLLUTION (sorry I had to say that loud to be heard over the din). Whilst many residents have jumped to oppose the proposed airport expansion, some businesses seem to revel in inflicting their business on all and sundry. Now not only do we have to put up with noise from aircraft, traffic, jet boat and other water users, construction, compressors, now, down town businesses particularly those few at the top of the mall and Camp Street conduct their business at earsplitting volume not only inside the premises (pity the poor staff) but are able to inflict it on the general public as well. There needs to be better monitoring of this before downtown becomes an intolerable place to be.

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    One thing that really gets me upset is people such as taxi drivers or others who arrive at someones house at say 0530 in the morning, and toot on their car horn to let the person whom they are picking up that they had arrived....that wakes up the whole neighbourhood.....and another thing, the a@@@@@@@@ who get out of a taxi at 0300, and slam the taxi door, waking me up....some people have no thought for anyone else except themselves....I would seriously hate to be a night shift worker trying to get a bit of shuteye during the day here in appears that young people in particular have no regard for anyone else but themselves.....

    Posted 08/04/2019 8:02pm (3 months ago)