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Noise Control

December 4 2017

I’ve came home (Queenstown CBD) just after 8:30pm after a whole day of work outdoors in the sun, tired and hungry. My flatmates were on the patio, they had a beer and were jaming on one djembe and one cajon. They played for about 20 minutes and then stopped, just to talk and socialise after their day of hard work.

While I was preparing my dinner, just past 10pm a noise control guy appeared like a ghost out of nowhere, we stared at him, surprised and perplexed as to why he was there? With papers in his hand he said that he had just come as a friendly warning that somebody was complaining about the noise at 8:15pm!

We asked him to inform us what is the problem was because no one had touched those instruments since around 9:15pm. He said that it was just a friendly warning and we need to be considerate of others as some might be working nightshifts or in the early morning and want to rest before work.

That was a bit too much for me as I live in a house behind a big hotel construction site where firstly workers started destroying old parts of the hotel with huge concrete cutters from 8am for 6 days a week for months and then when construction workers started building the new building, I was being woken up with all sorts of noise from there. Nail gun symphony suported by heavy drumming of earth stabilising pylons being driven to the ground was just a start! And that was going on for months!! How is that for nice sleep after nightshift!!

I did not complain as I knew that there is not any reason to. So on what grounds did that idiot of a person send the unfortunate noise control guy to us, I would like to know!! I was polite to the unfortunate guy as there is no reason to “shoot the messenger” but I was fuming inside!

What if the complainant was a construction site worker who needs to wake up at 6am to torture nightshift workers?? Is there any system put in place to avoid this sort of nonsence happening?? Or what should I do to remind the inconsiderate pr**k that this is not the way!

Ah and by the way there is a big B-day party in and behind our house with multiple string and percussion instruments being played with vocal support loudly right up to 10pm!! Peace and considerateness out.



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  • Danny Dyers Chocolate Homunculus

    Honestly - I'd quite happily call the noise police if a bunch of hippies were "jamming on the djembe" on a evening.

    There's no smoke without fire and perhaps this was just one incident which followed multiple incidents of your jamming and making a racket in your garden in which your neighbor had had enough.

    Your "fuming" mental state only serves to reaffirm that you're probably a young self-entitled rapscallion who rather just accept that you share the world with a lot of local people some of whom probably worked all day long as well and had to listen to a bunch of "bonga bonga" for the past half hour while trying to relax in their home, would now prefer to have a little moan and shake his fist at the world!

    Everyone knows its takes at least three complaints for QLDC to send someone out to a property so perhaps you should wind your neck in

    Posted 04/12/2017 4:25pm (12 months ago)

  • Crash landing

    DDCH,I agree with your sediments.Why the good people at LWB awarded this self serving twiddle the Whinge of the Week is beyond me.

    Posted 05/12/2017 6:34am (12 months ago)