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No butts.

November 18 2019

Each to their own, if you want to smoke go for it but forgodsakes put your butts in the butt bin. There’s a small metal box attached to most of the street bins, why must you need to act like a wannabe movie star who drops the butt, stamps it out and walk away. It was cool look back in the day, sure, but now you just look like an inconsiderate dick. Since we managed to make the move to BYO bags maybe we bring back the pocket ash tray! A small envelope where you stubb out your ciggy and take it with you or be more like Singapore and fine people for littering. Queenstown bay is riddled with used butts and these are getting in the mouths of our birdlife - If I see another person carelessly throw their butt on the ground I’m gonna walk up and shove my butt in their face.

Kiss my ass butt breath.

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