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No Bus Means Risky Walking

February 25 2019

So I’ve been driving home from town to Lake Hayes around 11:30 most nights after work, and I’ve been noticing lots of pedestrians walking across the bridge that connects Shotover Country to Frankton (with no proper pedestrian walkway) in pitch darkness!

It’s very dangerous due to the darkness and the fact that it has no area for pedestrians or cyclers. Luckily, I’ve always spotted them but I can understand if someone accidentally hits them, it’s a narrow bridge! I’ve done a few good deeds and offered several walkers rides to Shotover or Lake Hayes safely and found out that the final bus stops at 10:30pm! After the final bus, people must taxi home!

I was a bit shocked because thats too early to stop service especially for people working night shifts in such a hospitality driven town. I feel the bus service should be extended by an hour or two to prevent people from making risky and dangerous choices. Walking home should always be an option but sadly that bridge does not make it possible as there is no room for pedestrians.

Extend the bus service by a mere hour (11:30pm), it would help out so many people! The safety of our locals should be a top priority! Cheers!

Safety First

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    How many bus tops are there on Glenda Drive? And being a commercial street how many people work there..?
    That’s just one example and they say the bus is supposed to be a alternative to your car...

    Posted 27/02/2019 5:51pm (12 months ago)