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Clean Up After Yourselves!

November 26 2018

I’ve noticed that patrons of Mcdonalds, KFC and Starbucks can’t seem to locate the rubbish bin most of the time. Rubbish from Mcdonalds after 11pm is ridiculous along Camp Street when there are rubbish bins throughout. It’s funny how patrons remember to peel off their Monopoly game stickers but forget to throw away their rubbish! It takes the same amount of energy!

O’Connells tables are filled with abandoned trash which is annoying during busy times when tables are needed. Also, the Starbucks lounge is filled with empty to-go cups abandoned by lazy patrons expecting the overly busy employees to clean up after them.

It does not work that way... please clean up after yourselves people! Don’t rely on busy staff to clean up after you because other patrons will likely do it! Laziness and littering is offensive!


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