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Lets Do Drive In Movie Again

October 1 2018

Just wanted to say thanks to Remarkables Park for the drive- in movies over the weekend. It was brilliant alternative way to spend Friday night.

Hopefully this becomes regularly especially in summertime! Thanks again team!!

PS. Awesome selection of movies!!!

Movie Goer

Thank you Movie Goer for the great feedback.
Remarkables Park Town Centre management is currently working with the drive-in movie provider to find dates in April & September 2109 to host the drive-in movie event again.

We are keen to see the drive-in movies become a regular event at Remarkables Park Town Centre
Mike Smith
Centre Manager
Remarkables Town Centre

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  • fabien delavie

    In response to the project of doing another one in 2109 (Mike Smith), it' s good to plan in advance, but could we maybe try earlier ? like 2019 ? lol

    Posted 08/10/2018 2:33pm (7 months ago)