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Why The Pet Discrimination?

September 3 2018

Why is there a pet deposit when renting, while there is no children or baby deposit?

My cat sleeps on a blanket most of the day and chills but I hear children pounding on the walls and screaming all day.

They leave a mess all over the apartment building I’m in too. NOT COOL!

Pet Lover

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  • Local

    There isn't a pet deposit when renting in nz... It isn't legal in nz, or it wasn't. It is however legit that if you wish to rent from a landlord who would prefer not to have pets for you to offer more rent, thus increasing the bond. As a landlord if you accept a pet you accept a certain amount of wear n tear and possibly pet damage, which isn't necessarily claimable in the bond because they accepted a pet. So increased rent covers that, and increased bond covers big stuff. But if someone is asking for a pet bond then look up nz tenancy laws, as it wasn't legit to in the past.

    Posted 04/09/2018 9:08pm (11 months ago)

  • That Guy

    Ever had to get that awful kid smell out of curtains and carpets..?

    Posted 05/09/2018 4:34pm (11 months ago)