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RE: Kiwi BBC editorial!

December 2 2019

Yes Peter... you may or may not recall that 50 years ago, we had AKTV2, WNTV1, CHTV3 and DNTV4, all of which were regional TV services. Each had a half hour of regional news each week night, pertaining to its region. This followed the National news each night. It was an excellent format, considering that TV was “new” back then. Then they go and replace it with the tripe we have to put up with now. I used to think that Paul Holmes was bad, but he was a whole lot better news wise than the idiots we have there now... Hillary and Jeremy!!!... How the hell did they get that job??? They dish us up with rubbish every night! Stories about a lost duck, or some other such trivia. Its all very pathetic. It’s about time someone sacked the lot of these people on half a million dollars a year, and got back to the basics.. sooner the better...

Miss my Paul Holmie.

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