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RE: Parks 4 the fur baby

November 4 2019

May I ask the writer what steps he/she has taken prior to this whinge post on LWB? Have you made inquiries to the council, a submission on the QLDC website regarding plan changes and/or any stage of the Proposed District Plan? Are you lobbying the Council in any form, is there a petition to be shared and signed? Is anyone, other than the readers of this weeks LWB, aware of your angst and in the absence of yourself is anyone doing anything? Where do you propose this dog park to be, who will pay initially for the land and ongoing costs such as facilities and maintenance (dog poop clean up because not everyone does that). Bearing in mind the impracticality and unavailability of the CBD, elsewhere parking will be an issue as too will be those who drive to said dog park contributing to both pollution and traffic congestion. There’s a lot to consider and I can only believe all of the above and more have been consider and action taken prior to your whinge. I wait your reply comments in anticipation of moving forward, joining forces and seeing results.

I’m waiting. *finger taps*

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