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Spring smoke blooms

October 29 2019

I love Spring, as I am sure do most people. It is the season where mostly good things happen, blossom, new growth, daylight saving, but, and it is a big but, it is the season where the selfish farmers and developers come out of hibernation, put their blinkers and ear muffs on and do their thing (please note this is not all farmers and developers). A very small selfish few take it upon themselves to set fires to green waste and see it burn for days on end, polluting the environment they share with more than 20,000 others, let alone the many tourists who spend a lot of money to visit so called clean green Queenstown.

Come on guys those smoke filled days are not a good look. Why do they do it? Because they can, and they will trot out reasons like we got a permit... that does not make it right, or we have done it for years, again that does not make it right. Maybe they like the orange sunset!

The most recent example I experienced was in the last week of September/early October, when a particularly selfish farmer, (opposite Jacks Point and Hanley Farm... you know who you are), decided to set fire to about 12 piles of branches and needles from trees recently cut down. This pile never had a chance to dry out and maybe have a less smoke polluting burn.

This farmer is either a slow learner or really doesn’t care, as he had a similar burn a month before and barely more than week after the trees had been felled. Guess what? They smoked and smoldered for more than three weeks!! I suggest this farmer should check out how the professional forestry companies do it. They cut the tress, trim the branches and leave it to decompose rapidly, not a fire in sight.
Wake up. You may not like it, however you share this beautiful part of the world with others and you are required to play your part to care for it, otherwise the season of new growth will disappear forever.

How dare you! (to borrow a phrase)

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  • Up in smoke

    Your comments and confusion are duly noted. Once where you presumably live now ( rent or own) was farmland. It was cleared for your home. It's called progress but another term is NIMBY. In the case of the farm you cagily referred location to, you are correct in that they waited no time in burning hence the stench and general discomfort to the development across the road, one might describe as an entitled residences zone.
    Your comments in the second paragraph are stated as if you had a conversation with the culprits (questions and answers) or are you assuming what their replies would be?
    Your concern for residence and tourist of the Wakatipu and their impressions of the region are commendable. I shall be able to identify you by seeing you picking up strewn trash along the highway from Jacks Point to Kawara Bridge daily keeping those under the illusion that NZ is Clean and Green.
    Respectfully yours, neither a farmer nor a developer.

    Posted 29/10/2019 8:26pm (11 months ago)

  • Gramma

    Took the words right out of my mouth. I’ll add a little. Not only should we wave goodbye to burn offs near residential
    developments let’s get rid of Guy Fawkes celebrations as well. What on earth do they have to do with New Zealand anyway.? That we have always done it isn’t an excuse to continue bad practice.
    We have enough litter to deal without dangerous airborne missiles criss crossing the neighbourhood. No more unnecessary fires no more unnecessary burnt fingers no more frightened animals no more yahooing my rockets better than your rocket. Let’s grow up.
    Let’s respect the environment we have the privilege to live in and to share with others.

    Posted 31/10/2019 10:15am (11 months ago)