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Visitors are NOT Locals.

August 19 2019

I’m just annoyed by the fact that visitors who have been living in Queenstown less than a few months are referring to themselves as “locals”. You guys are not “locals”, you are visitors. Too many pommies, for example, have been proudly referring to themselves as locals yet they are on a backpackers holiday visa.
That makes you a visitor, you will eventually head home to finish Uni or work in your careers. Am I wrong to think this way? Queenstown is very transient, people leave. Locals stay for the long haul.


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  • Hippo Critical

    If you have to say you're a local. You're probably not a local.

    "Local" is just a term of entitlement that people put on themselves for living here. You are totally wrong because you're holding value on being "local" as if you should receive more for just being here and living here.

    I'd understand if you were in Ranfurly but living in the most transient place in the world and moaning about at what level "Local" is applied is just like blowing smoke up a rabbits arse. It's gonna get you nowhere.

    Instead of moaning about "Pommies" why you don't befriend a few more people, tell them stories about Queenstown and its history and your story for having seen this place change - They'll appreciate that and then in their eyes, you're be the true local. But marching around with a sandwich board on saying "I'm local and you're not" is just a waste of your energy.

    - Source: Pommie living here for 20 years.

    Posted 19/08/2019 3:59pm (12 months ago)

  • More Legit LOCALE

    Are you really a local? Were you born here? Were you educated here?

    OR is a local a sense of belonging?

    A long time local (going by your definition) told me that you are a local if you've been here longer than person you're talking to - I doubt there would be many people who would be local when talking to him.

    Posted 30/08/2019 9:55am (11 months ago)