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RE: to ‘Recycling Rules not for all’

August 12 2019

First and foremost, we’re thrilled to hear that you’re putting so much effort in to training others on how to use the new service. Thank you - we need more community leaders like to you to help make the journey towards zero waste a reality.

You’re correct that some of our older public recycling bins are not consistent with our new “glass separate” kerbside recycling system. The newer public recycling bins have a separate glass bin and better signage, but the old bins are still collecting mixed recycling and glass together. The reality is that public recycling across the country is generally contaminated and is having difficulty meeting the new tight standards for recycling. Right now we’re working on a contamination plan for all the district’s public recycling bins – this will include how to tackle the public bins through bin audits, signage, education, bin types, etc.

The commercial bins are collected privately but our work to educate businesses will help them to do the right thing with their rubbish and recycling.

It’s up to the commercial recyclers how they collect their recycling, but only clean glass that is collected separately can be combined with the glass that’s collected from kerbside bins to be recycled into new bottles and jars. Any contaminated commercial recycling will not be accepted at our processing facility as we cannot put our district’s recycling at risk.

We’ve heard some awesome stories about how people around the district are repurposing the old bins. They’ve been turned into planters, storage for animal feed, emergency kits, compost bins, even an outdoor chair! Many people have also dropped their unwanted bins at the Transfer Station which is great. Now that we’ve worked through some of the teething issues, we’re working on a plan to deal with the rest of the unwanted bins. We’ll share more details about that soon. In the meantime, we do recommend the owners of the rogue bins do their bit to help keep the streets looking sharp and take them in until they hear more or drop them off for recycling at the Frankton transfer station.


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  • Tick Tock

    How about undertaking some publicity and enforcement about not blocking up the footpaths with bins . Outside some apartment buildings there large number of bins some sitting there for days on end forcing people to walk on the road. Perhaps the council team could set an example that when they have emptied them that they place the bins on the kerb rather than on the footpath.

    Posted 13/08/2019 11:53am (4 months ago)