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RE: Outages with Aurora

December 2 2019

It is straight out mis-appropriation of money! Consumers (customers) payed their power bills over the past ten or so years, on the understanding that a percentage of that money went towards upgrades of power systems etc... what actually happened was that “upgrade money” was used to pay huge salaries of the bosses, as well as paying dividends to the DCC (so they could re route that money to the defect coffers caused by the huge stadium shortfall) as well as new staff cars and trucks etc. verything BUT what it was meant for! Total mis-appropriation. The whole matter should be handed over to the serious fraud squad for a serious inquiry but the chances of that are about nil (hence they get away with it again) and we, the silent majority, get shafted as per normal. How these CEOs and upper management staff get paid their huge salaries beggars belief, some of them are out and out fraudsters. As I say, they will get away with it.

Shame on them

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