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May 27 2019

Bringing business to Queenstown is important and the lefties that bleat about how Queenstown is changing are living in the past.

There seems to be universal agreement that our infrastructure is groaning under the strain and that everyone wants more - more funding for the arts, funding for parks and reserves, better public transport and on and on it goes.

In other words better services but with less tourism that can pay for it and locals certainly don’t want to pay for it through dramatically higher rates.

If not from more tourism, where is the money coming from to pay for this? Downtown Queenstown and Arrowtown are going to be for tourists as they come here for the views and all the services are easily located.

Visitors don’t frequent Frankton and Five Mile leaving that for locals and the retailers know this which is why all the local services are there.

It’s sad that downtown Queenstown doesn’t have local businesses but if local businesses can’t afford the rent no amount of artificially trying to engineer a different outcome is going to change it.

The Chinese Amway Conference was a great idea last year, we need more of those ideas not less.


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  • Daniel

    Some interesting pints - including the fact that "Downtown" Queenstown and Arrowtown should be left for tourists while Frankton and Five Mile are for all the locals because you say "all the services are there:". Why oh why then does the QLDC insist on spending our ratepayers money on building their new super HQ right in the middle of tourist-ville at the corner of Ballarat St/Stanley St? It's time us ratepayers stopped letting non-elected council staff tell us how they are going to spend our money. Move the QLDC to Frankton so everyone can get there - no tourists need to deal with the QLDC so why should locals battle with traffic and parking to visit them?. Perhaps Alistair Porter was correct a few years back when he quipped that the QLDC should not decide where to put their new HQ on the basis of where the staff like to go for a drink after work.

    Posted 27/05/2019 3:33pm (4 months ago)

  • Your Name Here

    @Daniel: and how could we do that short of grabbing our pitchforks and marching down there?
    Legitimate question though a bit sarcastic... Wish I knew how to do that and would be helpful if we all did indeed knew...

    Posted 27/05/2019 5:12pm (4 months ago)

  • Daniel

    @YourNameHere - it's quite simple how to do it. The elected members of council get to approve submissions put forward by the non-elected staff - particularly if it involves spending lots of ratepayer money. They simply need to stand up to the demands of a few of the QLDC department managers and not just rubber-stamp anything that comes their way. They put a stop to the ridiculous idea of spending far too much money on a loss-making convention centre so they could easily do the same for "Project Connect" - which should be renamed "Project Spend Way More Than We Need To On Council Offices".

    Posted 31/05/2019 11:33am (4 months ago)

  • Your Name Here

    @Daniel: but that’s the thing isn’t it? It’s all ‘they’ ‘them’ and not exactly ‘us’ ‘we’ so if they want it done and grease up some hands it will get done. Not much we can do about it...

    Posted 02/06/2019 4:36pm (4 months ago)