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Pedestrians – we walk on the left

May 20 2019

I was taught at a very early age that it is courteous and protocol to walk on the same side of the pavement as the traffic.

In New Zealand we drive on the left side, therefore its expected that we also walk on the left side. However I’m very confused as to why in Queenstown the rule goes out the window and we don’t follow this universal protocol. I maintain the left side while walking on the pavement, hiking running etc yet I am always dodging a stubborn walker who is walking on the right side! Its worse when oblivious groups take up the whole pavement and don’t have the courtesy to make room for others to get by. Its annoying and causes major crowding on the street.

I’ve asked fellow kiwis and Aussies and they all agree. When I visit the United States or Canada we walk on the right side it was the assumed approach. So PLEASE visitors respect the etiquette and walk on the left side.

Well travelled.

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  • Rich

    Bloody he'll mate, you sure you weren't raised in communist China? I'll walk on whatever side of the road is the sunniest or most interesting thanks and if that loses me some good citizen credits from our dear leaders, then so be it. Or until I'm sent to re-education camp, obviously.

    Posted 23/05/2019 11:31pm (4 months ago)

  • Karen Sandford

    Dear Rich. Perhaps you should re-read Well travelled's whinge. They were talking about walking on the left hand side of the PAVEMENT, not the street. When you have people walking in both directions along a narrow path it makes life so much simpler if everyone keeps to their left - saves a lot of dodging and weaving. It is something that happens in most countries - walk on the same side of the pavement as you drive. Why not here?

    Posted 06/06/2019 1:49pm (3 months ago)