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Bikers & People & Cars…Oh My

April 15 2019

How has there been no mountain bikers/ seriously injured or even worse, killed on Brecon Street coming down from Skyline?

Every day there are bikers doing wheelies and whizzing past at break-neck speeds down the centre line. Most without helmets and they think they are super cool with their arms crossed.

With the amount of traffic and people on that road moving and parking to get to Skyline, it is a serious health & safety risk.

Come on guys and gals, knock some sense into yourselves before a car does and realise how much of a safety risk you impose on that stretch of road.

Pull your heads in

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  • Your Name Here

    Well... to be fair they do look cool plus we all been young once and done stupid sh1t one too many times but what you gonna do? Kids will be kids and teens will always be stupid...
    I mean yes it is dangerous but at least our cars these days have better brakes with ABS and all.
    Other than that Darwin I guess..?

    Posted 17/04/2019 1:51pm (3 months ago)