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Freedom Camping

April 1 2019

Clearly the little blue stickers saying “self contained vehicle” are too easy to buy off the internet or simply photocopy so the only solution is to make it part of an annual WOF/COF check. They will then have another little card in the front window that can be scanned like a rego sticker to see if it’s fake. Rental campervan operators should also have their annual rego fees increased to $5000 (a mere $100 per week) so that money comes back to the Government to fund better infrastructure. That would have the desired effect of making freedom camping holidays too expensive for the feral free-loaders who will then go back to travelling on green backpacker buses and staying in hostels - and Queenstown Inc will get the visitor levy.


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  • Over&Out

    I would love to know the Mayor and Councillors position on why, we should let the Freedom Campers enjoy our public spaces,have facilities supplied via Freedom Camping Hubs all curtsy of our rates and taxes yet avoid having to pay a bed tax? How are they going to facilitate bed tax payments from Air B&B ,Bach hires etc.
    Why is that they are studiously avoiding any sort of extra targeted rates or comment on the big five activity operators who benefit from have their concessions on low fee paying council or government leasehold land and in the instance of one operator avoid having to pay any tax at all?
    Why are visitors and residents being forced to fork out millions of dollars to rejuvenate the town CBD when the major beneficiary of this will be the property owners ,who in many instances are the same companies who as previously mentioned made their money to purchase these property's via concessions on low fee paying council or government leasehold land.
    To date we have only had vague undertaking what the money is going to spent on and I for one would hazard a guess that the number one priority will a big new Council building on a piece of CBD property owned by you guessed it,one the big five activity providers who receive an exclusive no compete concession and pay no tax.

    Posted 02/04/2019 1:02pm (4 months ago)


    Yes, Over and Out......I too smell a bring up some interesting points.....the BIG FIVE have a lot to gain out of all this, but very little to loose.....

    Posted 02/04/2019 10:03pm (3 months ago)

  • Over&Out

    Mr Greeny,More like a weasel,you can pin a tail on it and call it a donkey.

    Posted 04/04/2019 12:11pm (3 months ago)