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Vegan GF Ice Cream Hunt

March 4 2019

The announcement of gluten free magnum had me sooo excited! Being a vegan, I had to stand by my morals and give up that unlawful dairy product that’s squeezed from the utter, creamed and frozen to then be licked off a stick. Ehyek!

I pestered the supermarket assistant for weeks asking ‘Is it here yet? Is it here now? When? WHEN?!’ Desperate to taste something that I longed for which my morals would approve.

That day came, I rushed to the freezer just by the checkout, rummaged through the other devil ice creams to find the glorious animal friendly Magnum. Just a quick check of the back to see if it’s gluten free annnnd no... No... NO.... NOOOOOO! You have got to be KIDDING ME!? The Vegan Magnum is NOT Gluten Free?!

I stood there astonished, my glorious dreams I had of enjoying this Magnum just came crashing down around me. Being vegan is challenging enough but being gluten free as well... Awwhhh MAN... the struggle is ongoing! SURELY vegan food manufactures would find a correlation between being vegan AND gluten free!!! Come ON!!! We are living in a modern world. Science has made it possible to eat plastic surely there is a way to get an Ice cream that’s vegan AND gluten free. Come on Magnum, I thought you had this nailed...


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  • Remember

    Aye, there is gluten free, dairy free, vegan ice cream available - I'ts called "Snow" - should be in stock around May time.

    Posted 04/03/2019 12:44pm (6 months ago)


    Third world problem....think of the 4,000 children dying from starvation in Africa each day, and see exactly how big your "problem" is.....

    Posted 04/03/2019 3:58pm (6 months ago)

  • Your Name Here

    The fact that you thought important to mention you’re ‘standing by your morals’ means 1) you know dairy tastes better and 2) you’re only vegan because it makes you feel like you’re better than anyone else. That on its own already makes me think veganismo really is turning into a religion and that’s why you people won’t stop preaching us.

    But also why would gluten free have to be associated with veganism? Are you that ignorant to not know what celiac disease is? Oh well of course you are...

    By the way: if a vegan celiac needs some gluten free ice cream there are quite a few option made with coconut and soy.
    The difference here is obviously between the need for safe food for allergic people and the need for attention for stupid vegans...

    You people should eat snow as suggested in the other commment. But yellow snow!

    Posted 09/03/2019 12:40pm (5 months ago)

  • Hana Deavoll

    You don't have to support big corporations to get your vegan/gf ice cream fix. Our recently launched local ice cream truck 'Vice Cream' serves no less than 7 different flavours of vegan and GF ice cream, all the toppings and sprinkles, and we also offer gf cones. We do Coconut soft serve, Real fruit ice cream, and a range of gelatos and sorbets. Find us at the markets for the rest of Autumn :)

    Posted 09/03/2019 7:46pm (5 months ago)

  • Plain Jane

    Typical condescending vegan comments - squeezed from the utter, creamed and frozen to then be licked off a stick. Ehyek!

    It's people like you who give vegans/vegos a bad rap with your high and mighty attitude. And fyi it's udder not utter!

    Posted 26/03/2019 4:06pm (5 months ago)