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Ferry Grief

March 4 2019

Why did Mel get so much grief for speaking out about the appaulling Queenstown Ferry Service in the ODT?

I must say, I’m appaulled too! Firstly the change in routes. Before Go Orange put a tight ass leash on the operation you could ask your friendly driver to drop you at any jetty, now they have strict allocated stops. For anyone living in the K-Heights area knows that the peninsula is quite large and there’s a huge chunk of local residents between The Hilton and Bayview. For the unfortunate people residing inbetween, those jetty’s have a 25 to 30 minute walk. Solution response - just park up at Hilton - pfft cos there’s so many parks? Bayview? I feel like I’m back tracking - might as well drive in.

Now it’s the needing to stop at each location. Under the new system, when heading to The Hilton they must follow this route: Bayview - Kelvin Heights, Rees Hotel - Frankton, The Marina - Frankton and Hilton - Kelvin Heights.

There are occasions when, clearly, everybody is on the same stop but no no no - the driver is now tracked by GPS and ordered to stop at ALL stops - 30 minute boat trip added onto your 25-30 minute hike home. For local commuters of this Ferry service they encourage you to sign up for a $49 concession card - which is significantly cheaper than the old Water Taxi $80 concession payment BUT you can’t pay for a passenger on that card i.e - you can’t click two trips they’ll only allow one which is STUPID - You’ve already paid for it? What difference does it make?

When you question that, you get a rude rehearsed response from the driver - in fact the drivers must be feeling the corporate squeeze because in general their attitude is super off putting.
Yes it’s cheaper, yes it’s more frequent but I’m yearning for the old water taxi days because this new system is NOT for the locals and genuinely SUCKS.


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