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Blink And You Missed It.

January 28 2019

Is it a fiendish NZTA memory test or does QLDC just have an abundance of signs to use up? Wakatipu City (aka Queenstown vicinity) is a difficult enough area already for tourists to drive in, so why do we locals have to have almost every permutation of speed limit sign all cramped into one tiny area. Somehow we have every multiple of 10!

For example, you leave from Arrowtown at 40kmh and immediately have a choice of a 100kmh road or a 70kmh one. You take the 70kmh down past Waterfall creek and turn right at Walnut Cottage into 80 kmh. However, if you went towards Coronet Peak you get a bit of a run before being dropped from 100kmh to 70, then down to 50, then back up to 80 and finally back to 50 in Gorge road.

Meanwhile if you had continued past Lake Hayes you’d jump from 70 to 80 at the turn off, then round the corner into 100k for a short-lived hi-speed run past Lake Hayes Estate before dropping back to 70 then grind up past Quail Rise at the dreaded 30kmh road works speed.

What’s next, a brief impractical attempt to do 80 between a couple of roundabouts, then 50 through the Frankton roundabout gridlock before trying unsuccessfully to do 70 along Frankton Rd? As for Kelvin Heights, you have to be a quiz show master to keep track of the flip-flopping between 70 and 50 along there. My brain hurts.

We have 10k and 20k in the carparks, and don’t forget to do 20k past a stopped school bus! Then there are also those 40k temporal sign areas around schools. Who can really remember all the variations? Blink and you’ll miss a sign then be speeding or holding up traffic.

Just give us a bit more consistency, or at least a longer run at one particular speed instead of varying it every 100 metres… How about making everywhere 50 or 80 and basically be done with it. And if Arrowtown really needs to be 40k then make Queenstown 40 too, after all you can’t do much more than that with all the rental car drivers consulting their GPS’s anyway.

Confused Driver

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  • Rich

    Just ignore them and concentrate on the road.

    Posted 30/01/2019 5:09pm (6 months ago)