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Copthorne DAILY Illegal Parking!

December 10 2018

Yes daily! I park my car nearby and walk to work and EVERY SINGLE MORNING those coach buses are disrupting traffic and endangering the lives of their passengers who would cross the road with the grace of a drunk chicken.

Why don’t they park inside the hotel’s premises? Where are the authorities and why doesn’t anyone do something about it? It really is like the Wild West out there and everybody does whatever the hell they want as the sheriff is never in town.

Move Your Bus

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  • Your Name Here

    Fun fact 1) there is a sign right there that says ‘no large vehicle parking’ or something like that;
    Fun fact 2) that is the road police vehicles drive through all the time and I’ve seen them harassing tourist drivers but never seen they do something about the buses;
    Not-so-fun fact: couple days ago I saw a Chinese girl almost get hit by a UTE as she was walking towards the bus looking at her phone.

    Posted 16/12/2018 11:56am (8 months ago)

  • daniel

    Often the Copthorne driveway is already full of buses so no more can go in to collect passengers. Fun fact #3 "Your Name Here" is that picking up passengers from the side of the road is not parking so unless the signs say NO STOPPING buses can double park there quickly while they collect a few passengers

    Posted 02/01/2019 12:57pm (8 months ago)

  • Your Name Here

    You gotta learn how to read Daniel... it is right there on my post a mention about the traffic sign...
    Also ‘quickly’ definitely does not describe the time it takes for the bus to stop, its driver go fetch the passengers and the passengers actually getting into the bus.
    If there is not enough room in the hotel’s driveway either build more or change the schedule to accommodate all buses. Disrupting traffic and endangering passengers’ lives whilst at the same time disregarding the traffic sign is not the right thing to do.

    Posted 05/01/2019 5:14pm (8 months ago)

  • Daniel

    @Your Name Here - I can read perfectly thanks. You should check out the legal definition of PARKING and STOPPING in the NZ Road Code or on the Land Transport website. There is a difference. Buses can STOP while they pick up passengers but can't PARK. The signs you refer to say "No Large Passenger Vehicle Parking" which means that bus drivers cant park their bus, lock it up and leave it there for hours but they can stop their bus, find their passengers and keep going to their next pick up point. The No Parking signs were put there to stop bus drivers parking on residential streets overnight - the QLDC Traffic and Parking bylaw explains it all.

    Posted 12/01/2019 1:26pm (7 months ago)