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Shotover Country Needs Life!

December 10 2018

How come there’s no businesses in Shotover Country? No convenience store, café, restaurant... Nothing!!

I know its a fairly new suburb but at least give the residents a coffee shop or a pizza place not just houses. Lakes Hayes has The Hayes and other shops but Shotover Country has nothing besides a school and parks.

It would be nice to be able to walk down the street for something rather than driving into town. There appears to be heaps of houses currently being built, at least make one of the construction projects a mini-mart or a café.

Shotover Country Resident


Response from QLDC

There are no bylaws or rules in place that would restrict a café opening in Shotover Country.

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  • Simple Simon

    It was such a poorly and designed development with of course the counnerence of the QLDC that in few years time it will be gettho and the only shopping will be at the local tinne house .

    Posted 12/12/2018 12:42pm (6 months ago)

  • Timmy

    Shotover Country has an identity crisis, as well they’ve stolen the name Lower Shotover, maybe try Upper Kawarau, that. ones free.

    Posted 14/12/2018 2:39am (6 months ago)

  • Long term staff

    Thank you Mr Hazeldine for great editorial comment. It was so refreshing to read and almost made me think that there is a hope! I have been living and working in Queenstown for more than a deade and really sick of some of service business employers for taking advantage of us employees. If the companies truly think if they want to improve their business, pay your staff more to show they are worth to the company they are working for. Its just too common practice that most of companies I have worked for in Queenstown are good with staff who are working for management level and they pay as little amount as possible for lower level of workers. Do they actualy realise that us lower level employees are the fondation and face of the company? I really hope all the service business owners read Mr Hazeldine's comment and learn from it. (at least something to ponder...)

    Posted 16/12/2018 5:56pm (6 months ago)

  • Point and Post

    Long Term Staffer .It appears you have responsed to a Whinge instead of the Advertorial.
    I am sure your manager has noted this sort of lack of attention to detail during your employment history.This might explain why you appear to to be stuck on the lower quantum of pay scales.

    Posted 16/12/2018 8:09pm (6 months ago)


    Point and Post......get it right yourself if you are going to correct called an "editorial", not an "advertorial"....HA HA

    Posted 16/12/2018 9:26pm (6 months ago)

  • Point and Post

    Psycho. When a writer with the concerreance of a publication use a medium to publise your services or slanted viewpoint without having a balanced view its an advertorial. Unfortunatly this trend is becoming more and more popular in the world of fake news which lately appears to raised its ugly head on our shores.

    Posted 17/12/2018 7:18am (6 months ago)

  • daniel

    Psyco - google advertorial, its a new word for you;
    a newspaper or magazine advertisement giving information about a product in the style of an editorial or objective journalistic article.

    Posted 02/01/2019 1:02pm (6 months ago)