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Mystery Shopper

December 3 2018

I was out shopping in Arrowtown on the weekend and it was brought to my attention that in a couple of shops, their sizing was… well, it was minimal. 6’s, 8’s and 10’s!

It made me think, are they only stocking these sizes to “attract” a certain crowd? Or was it that all the curvy girls just beat me too it? As I looked around, I could tell it was the former, which is upsetting. We live in 2018 - a modern day where we should be allowed to shop wherever we want, and not be judged. Marilyn Monroe, after all was a size 14-16 and she rocked it. She was not judged and she was a fashion icon for her era – why change that? Why make curvy and proud women feel lesser than they should?

Needless to say, I won’t be making my way back in a rush. I support shopping local – but only if that shop supports woman (and men of course) of any gender, race or size!

Empowered women, empower women – set a good example for our future, lead by example and stock a size that fits all.

Curvy and proud.

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  • Jessica

    Why do "plus" sized women always harp on about Marilyn Monroe being a size 14-16 - is it to make themselves fell better? More normal?

    Monroe was a size 8, weighing 115lbs. That is why she rocked it.

    This modern day take that "curvy" is sexy and healthy, is not correct. It is neither of those things.

    I agree with your statement "set a good example for our future, lead by example" a size 14-16 is not health, lead by example by doing some (a lot of) exercise.

    Posted 03/12/2018 2:00pm (8 months ago)