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My quality of life has gone down.

November 18 2019

The council ‘quality of life’ survey is circulating so being the good tax paying Queenstown citizen that I am, I dedicated some time to fill it out.

My do good mentality wore off 35% through. I didn’t know I was gonna be tied down for bloody half an hour!

The first couple of questions, I went through them with a breeze - 3 minutes down 10% through. I wrote my suggestion in detail for my first written response box but as it dragged on - digging into my income - housing situation - the health services - culture - it got harder and harder to sustain the appropriate attention for each grilling response written question. 50% through I had to give up and attend to my actual income earner. In order to get meaningful answers from engaged participates this survey just has to be shorter.

Never get that time back.

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