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Million dollar town - third world infrastructure

July 9 2019

We already don’t have good houses to live in as even with the bylaw in effect there’s no enforcement. No place to park - everything is either too far or was taken over by local businesses. Buses don’t show up in convenient hours and don’t have stops where it would be needed - if you need public transport for work you’re out of luck.

Then our roads are a patchwork and even when a company is hired to fix something the result is usually slightly better than what it was.

And then there’s the whole new council building that’s gonna cost ratepayers dearly. I don’t even know what else to say just stating the situation as it is leaves me out of words...


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    And what about that 2017 bylaw that says something about getting houses up to code till June 2019?
    As far as I can tell nothing has been done to enforce that so if it’s just a ‘optional’ bylaw why have it at all..?

    Posted 10/07/2019 4:03pm (11 months ago)