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Merging tensions Rise

January 27 2020

Merging tensions Rise

Big big round of applause to the window lickers that think it’s ok to stay in the merging lane from Quail Rise coming up from the lower shottie bridge in order to make the turn into Hardware lane. If you bloody crayon eating Muppets hadn’t worked it out yet you have to merge and then take the turning lane up from it . I’m bloody sick of the “I’m too important to drive like the rest of us” in a hurry to get nowhere quickly wannabes!!!. It makes it really hard to indicate safely and turn left at the top if someone is charging up the inside... come on guys it’s bad enough we have to play bloody traffic roulette with the rentals let alone locals.

Window lickers, crayon eating, nowhere quickly wannabes, eh?

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  • Quail Riser

    Show me in the road code which page and paragraph that states where you must merge to de-merge and then I will do it until then it's a clear run into hardware lane with all the other crayon munchers. Red is my favourite flavour!

    Posted 31/01/2020 8:24am (8 months ago)