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Making Dollars Not Sense!

November 26 2018

To the esteemed leaders of the QLDC, our business has been operating for 20+ years, delivering goods to 100+ businesses in the Lakes area. Recently our business, as well as others (we do speak to each other) have come under fire by way of parking fines, whilst parked and delivering goods to other businesses in Cow Lane.

To clarify, “PARKED ON A BROKEN YELLOW LINE”, and yes we understand that is a law, and laws are made for a reason. I can’t say for certain how long the broken yellow line has been marked in Cow Lane, it could have been for the past 20 years, but with the removal of the loading zone on Camp Street adjacent to Cow Lane, this is now our only viable option.

From my understanding Cow Lane was planned as a service lane, hence the “back doors/service entrances” for these businesses to be by way of Cow Lane. Our trucks, as well as others, from rubbish trucks, food trucks, drink trucks, and courier/postal services are “parked” there for less than 5 minutes at a time, getting the job done, we aren’t doing it for fun. The only backup of traffic in that lane is other service vehicles, and we all understand we are doing simply that, getting the job done.

We are all courteous and happy to work together to help keep the wheels of our beautiful town moving as efficiently as possible, servicing our customers, which in turn services the rest of town from locals to tourists. Are we all to expect constant fines whilst we are just trying to do our jobs, whilst more and more loading zones are taken away from us? Are some service vehicles exempt from this rule whereas others aren’t? Is there anyway we can work around this together? From a health and safety perspective, from an efficiency and productivity perspective? Or can we rename it to “Cash Cow Lane”

Let’s work together QLDC, please, pretty please, with a cherry on top, I’m going to say it and I will sound childish, but honestly, it’s just not fair.

Sincerely, Face Palm

Response from QLDC

Thanks for the opportunity to respond. It’s no secret that as our town grows, CBD loading zones and parking generally is in high demand. Please be assured that we are working hard to address this through our town centre masterplan work and also our long term parking strategies, because like you, we want to ensure the businesses in town can operate effectively.

At Cow Lane specifically, you’re right, the broken yellow lines have been there for years and we have always given tickets to anyone parking illegally there. The more recent change you may have noticed is the CCTV – this was brought in as a way of ensuring people are not parking in the bus stops since the Orbus service was launched a year ago. These cameras will also be picking up anyone parked on the broken yellow lines. We are hopeful that this is a short term initiative as the longer term plans progress to move public transport to Stanley Street and reduce the pressure on Camp Street. We’re sorry to hear you received a ticket and appreciate your patience as we work to address the current challenges in the town centre.


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  • Dan


    What a truly (and typically) pathetic response. You have offered no solution, essentially, if there is no parking available, these businesses do not get serviced, if they don't get serviced, they don't operate as a business, I'm sure even the local council understands where the rest of this goes... myself and my colleagues, along with other drivers I have spoken to around town, are so frustrated that instead of allowing us to do our jobs, you have made almost impossible. If you think I'm paying $60 for the privilege of making money for my company, you are very much mistaken. The loading zone at the bottom end of Cow lane is not feasible when you think we have to hum stuff back up the hill to make any delivery. But don't worry, this loading zone is usually taken up by local drivers, tourist rental cars and tradie vans who park there all day. Your parking attendants do NOTHING about them and walk on past. So you ticket the people trying to do their jobs, but walk on by the people forcing us to park illegally?!
    It sounds like this "masterplan" of yours is a long way off, as you haven't even mentioned a completion date yet, let alone the actual date of when anything comes into force because let face it, it will be a long time delayed like any other one of your current projects again. So what will you do about the good people of Queenstown trying to do their jobs and supplying all kinds of goods and services to the businesses of Queenstown and getting fined for it. We will keep asking these questions until you ACTUALLY respond with a proper answer.

    Posted 26/11/2018 8:21pm (8 months ago)

  • Tick Tock

    I have a suggestion. Contact the Town Centre Manager for assistance. He has the ear of the Council bigwigs.

    Posted 27/11/2018 9:28am (8 months ago)

  • Simple Simon

    Wasn't the Town Manager responsible in part of the CBD master plan, which i presume inculdes the revamped "improved"parking in Cow Lane? Surely he consulted widely with the local businesses,QLDC pior to its implementation ?

    Posted 27/11/2018 1:38pm (8 months ago)


    Yes, I see there is a photo of him hard at work on the social page, page 18 of this weeks edition....

    Posted 27/11/2018 5:35pm (8 months ago)