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Living vicariously through ‘Sims’

April 21 2020

During lockdown, millennials & boomlennials from around the world are switching off from reality and living vicariously through the simulated world of ‘The Sims’. Psychology professionals believe people are using ‘The Sims’ to fill the void of social interaction that they’re missing from their lives. One user writes “I miss my friends so I made Sims of us and we hung out all weekend.”

Another user writes on twitter that she’s been building “cafes, clubs and galleries” in the game inspired by her “real life favourite places”.

For those grappling with the doomed reality around the corner are finding the funny side of life through their ‘Sims’ addiction.

“You know what, I may not graduate because of this coronavirus but at least my Sims will.”

Living vicariously through Sims