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Lime Scooters Question

March 18 2019

Hi just wondering if anyone knows if and when lime scooter’s will be in Queenstown? I see on the Lime app they have zoned Queenstown for Limes but there has been no word about them.

Interested local


Response from Lime

Thank you for reaching Lime customer support. To answer your question, we have a potential market in Queenstown. Once our riders / users downloaded the Lime app, they will be able to show the scooters and bike’s location on their map.

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  • Daniel

    Seriously? Our CBD is about 500 meters across so why do you need to hire a Lime scooter? There is a little known QLDC bylaw that no skateboards are allowed to be used in the CBD area (so little known that a council staff member still rides his electric skateboard through the CBD to work). A scooter would fall into the same category as a skateboard so the QLDC can not legally give Lime a resource consent to operate. Hooray - Us pedestrians will be happy there is one less thing to dodge in the CBD.

    Posted 18/03/2019 3:05pm (4 months ago)

  • Here,There&Everywhere

    No ,No, Nope.We have enough foot traffic on our footpaths, mall. and hospital. Let hope these crazies in the council and Town Manager don't think there is a buck in it and approve it anyway.

    Posted 18/03/2019 5:02pm (4 months ago)

  • Nervous

    My concerns with the Lime scooters are this:
    These things actually go quite fast.
    After witnessing many lime scooters weaving in and out of pedestrians at a fair clip in Auckland I wondered how many people are knocked down by them.
    Aren't they actually a cycle? If so shouldn't the same rules apply as to cyclists? Ie not on footpaths. Or will that slow down the traffic even more. :-/?
    I don't think they are the silver bullet to our transport problems. We need investment in a regular and reliable ferry service.

    Posted 19/03/2019 1:40pm (4 months ago)


    Daniel I agree....once a few scooter riders are flattened by hopeless drivers around here, the novilty of riding them will quickly wear off.....its a wonder the ACC havent done something about them already....

    Posted 26/03/2019 2:07pm (4 months ago)

  • Safe Queenstown!

    They are coming this winter. Can someone start a pitition to stop it. No value for locals, they simply want to use the town for free advertising due to all the tourist. They have nowhere to go. Can't go up hills or on the tracks. Gona be a nightmare! Someone please start a pitition and get some political will behind us. Council talks about a test license..that is not legal they need a Resource Consent!

    Posted 12/06/2019 9:19pm (1 month ago)