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October 29 2019

Is it me or do others get the feeling that Ngai Tahu and the current Councilors and Mayor are all over each other in a rather unseemly manner.

First we had them entering into a Public excluded, commercially sensitive arrangements in regard to the Lake view site Hot pools. Then another of the same ilk, into the proposed deal being done for the new council HQ and latterly the old high school site which is being developed with financial and other inputs from the rate and taxpayers with the supposed sweeter of Kiwi Build housing ,which if the indicative information is correct, will priced be way beyond the reach of the average New Zealander! (GASP! long sentence) And will probably end up like the Wanaka Kiwi build housing fiasco. In in a unique moment of candor when questioned about the sale price of this housing both the Minister of Housing and our Mayor shrug this off with the lame excuse, oh well that’s Queenstown, which in political speak translates into we will cry crocodile tears for you while we undertake our nefarious actives which are personally and politically expedient for us.

‘Show me real tears goddamit’

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