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Kiwis to the rescue

June 8 2020

What a pleasure the long weekend was- lots of local kiwi’s in town and very few international visitors. As someone who works in retail it was fantastic to see and also how charming and nice everyone was. I really appreciated the kiwis who took the time to come and spend the long weekend enjoying themselves. There were people from all over the country and most taking the time to say that they came because we were in pain and they wanted to help in some way. Yes we need the border opened, especially to Australia but boy it was nice to see so many friendly kiwis.

Tony Virtue

  • Yournamehere

    So it can be interpreted as you rather have locals than foreigners in your shop? Should put up a sign at the door let’s see how long you’ll stay afloat if foreigners take their business elsewhere

    Posted 31/07/2020 2:21am (2 years ago)