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Keep your distance

May 25 2020

I know we now feel the Covid-19 crisis is beaten but it can easily come back. Stores are supposed to ensure that people observe the 2m rule and only have a maximum number of people in store, but it seems its not being respected in the big stores and certainly not enforced by the managers.

People are not observing the 2m distance while in the isles or in the check out queue. Some shops have markings on the floor where shoppers should stand to keep their distance but it seems like people don’t care or are just stupid. The other day I had someone so close I could smell their breath in my face and I don’t know what they had for breakfast but it wasn’t pleasant.

While in the isles it’s no different. People just stop randomly and block the entire isle, instead of respecting others distance. We are all enjoying the freedom to go out and be able to shop again, but if there was a single person infected and with travellers from around NZ arriving that’s a real possibility we all have to be careful and respectful. Keep your distance! It’s not so difficult ,is it?

Distance, please