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Is Marine Parade still a road?

February 24 2020

Should we just stop cars altogether? Pedestrian tourists mesmerized by the view and tired after a long day? What about the drivers? It’s a mint paving job, but does it genuinely confuse people and will it result in an accident? Is this the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff?

Before anything potentially happens QLDC it might be worth you looking into. Maybe a few signs or painted lines and icons on the road? Pedestrians on one side cars the other? Icons are international. Also seems establishment tables pushing more and more into the paved pedestrian strip? Given all the other rules in town I’m sure they’ve consent? Within that RC how far out from the building can they go please? The woonerf concept is a good one but the international tourists may not understand. Maybe a time lapse vid would show some of the near misses better? Who would be liable if there was a car vs person accident there? As always these topics are raised with genuine concern for our town.

Hey Deni Bevin


Response from the council

Thanks for sharing your views on Marine Parade. This area is a shared space and is signposted accordingly. The priority is pedestrian, cyclist then vehicle, which means cars and cyclist must give way to pedestrians. This is the approach we intend to take with the entire town centre as identified in the Town Centre Masterplan. Tables and chairs have a licence to occupy, and there are markers defining how much they can encroach on the surrounding area.

  • I must be blind

    I have cycled or walked this road most days ever since the paving job was done, and have never noticed any shared space signs. Either they are not obvious, or I am blind (along, I am sure, with many other people). Better bet would be to reduce the speed limit to 20kph, and do this across the CBD.

    Posted 25/02/2020 5:01pm (2 years ago)