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Abandoned Cars, Lazy Council..

October 15 2018

We live on Hallenstein Street, where it is tricky enough to park outside of our house anyway without all the added traffic due to the ‘diversion’ created after our traffic lights were installed in town by some genius.
There is an abundance of cars with ‘For Sale’ stickers on, most with no WOF or rego, flat tyres, that have been there for months, obviously abandoned. We have contacted the council numerous times, where, if we are lucky a red seizure notice will be placed on the car which will then blow away in the wind and the car will still be there 3 weeks later. The council informed us that there is a backlog in the pound... I wonder if I can use an equally pathetic excuse when they demand my considerable rates money from me.
Maybe more hasty action would be taken if the dumped cars were outside a councillors house???

Response from QLDC

In cases regarding abandoned vehicles we ask that members of the public raise them to our team through the Request For Service function on our website, and appreciate that the member of public has done this. We’re sorry for any delay in removing these vehicles, but a number of factors do exist which can create an obstacle.
First and foremost, we experience a large number of vehicles being abandoned around the district and we do have a backlog of abandoned in Queenstown which we’re dealing with. Other considerations must be given

to cases where sometimes, an abandoned vehicle may be related to ongoing legal proceedings and therefore, something we won’t remove during the process.
If willing, we’d love to get the licence plate numbers of the vehicles in question, and we’ll be sure to check any updates regarding them in our system and speak to our team about them. From there, we’ll be happy to update the member of public.

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    What a load of CR## from the QLDC response....please tell us, how many abandoned vehicles have been related to "ongoing legal proceedings" over the past year???? Heres my guess....less than one.....QLDC thinks that we , the general public are all idiots, and try to level this sort of answer on us.....they are shirkers of the highest order, and think they can fob reasonable questions off with such answers....the worst thing is, they get away with it....same as when they said "you can get an infringement ticket for $100 if you discard a cigarette butt in a public street"....I asked a very simple question, "how many infringement notices have they issued over the last year"....??? of course there was no answer, but I found out later from an employee there that they had in fact issued I expected.....

    Posted 15/10/2018 5:20pm (6 months ago)

  • Your Name Here

    Take pictures and send to all the local newspapers describing the issue like you did here.
    Also ask a lawyer if legal action can be taken against the council. If so, do it!
    There’s no other way unless you want to buy some sprain paint and start spraying all the abandoned cars... that would sure get some reaction from someone.

    Posted 18/10/2018 6:40am (6 months ago)