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Inconsiderate parking?

July 9 2018

So the council some time ago decided that instead of giving people parking tickets they will now give them tickets for “Inconsiderate Parking”. The later fine is $60 while a standard parking violation of less than 30 minutes is $12. The QLDC justify issuing tickets because in their opinion “someone else may want to park there, so it is inconsiderate to stay longer than the time limit”. I have that in writing from them. 

By their rationale there will never again be a parking ticket issued, all tickets will be for inconsiderate parking. They seem oblivious to the fact that inconsiderate parking is intended to be for parking over a driveway, in the middle of a street or on a footpath. It was clearly not the legislators intent to enable councils to issue tickets for inconsiderate parking for every parking offence. It is simply a way for the QLDC to increase revenue.

I have no doubt at some time in the future someone will challenge the validity of this new parking enforcement idea and the QLDC will be forced to repay thousands of dollars in revenue. When I successfully argued my way out of one of these tickets, they informed me they had been issuing these tickets for over two years - that will be a lot of refunds. After initially refusing to waive the ticket they eventually agreed to waive the ticket after I said I wanted to make submissions to the court that I had been charged with the wrong offence - I should have had a parking ticket for exceeding the time limit not one for inconsiderate parking. They clearly didn’t want it going to court.

I see a regular columnist in another local paper also reports in last weeks edition he had the same ticket for parking in an empty carpark late at night. Could someone in the council explain why they continue to issue tickets that won’t stand up in a court of law and undoubtedly at some stage in the future will require full refunds for everyone who has ever had one in the past?

Parking Mad



Response from Lee Webster, QLDC Regulatory Mananger

Thank you for your comments and for the opportunity to respond. Council has a number of different types of parking tickets (set in law) including the matters as you describe. E.g. time restricted parking, parking on footpaths and over driveways, etc along with one for inconsiderate parking.

Inconsiderate parking is when you have parked in a manner without reasonable consideration to other road users. While I accept this is subjective, Council does not use this as a catch all/revenue gathering approach. Around 50,000 parking tickets have been issued in the past year, most for parking over time. Only around 3,000 of these were issued for inconsiderate parking.

Don’t you think it’s fair to say it is inconsiderate when for example someone parks in a P15 space for an hour?

The driver has taken four times as much time allowed causing knock-on effects such as increased traffic flow due to vehicles circulating looking for parks or even parking illegally. This action does have effects on other road users and the ticket would be avoidable if everyone followed the rules and considered other drivers.

Our parking officers do a fantastic job but like the rest of us, they are human and on rare occasions they do make mistakes. However, they do not issue tickets for no reason. So if there has been an error, we are more likely to re-issue the ticket with a correction… because whether it’s inconsiderate parking or parking over time, an offence remains and the ticket should be paid.

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    Good answer can you answer last weeks many infringement notices have the council issued to persons who discard cigarette butts, over the past year?

    Posted 10/07/2018 1:08pm (7 months ago)

  • Your Name Here

    They obviously need another source of income to pay for their lavishing new building with their own private parking spaces - they’re better than us they don’t have to fight for parking spaces like us - plus the utopian 10 year plan.
    Hope more people take this to court and ask for reparation and not just a simple refund.

    Posted 11/07/2018 10:21am (7 months ago)


    Still no answer from QLDC re the number of infringement notices issued to we have to go to the Ombudsman to find this out???? Just tell us and make it easy.....

    Posted 12/07/2018 7:34pm (7 months ago)

  • Daniel

    Well I think its inconsiderate for the QLDC to be building their new HQ in the middle of town at ratepayers expense. The QLDC staff take up hundreds of car parks in the CBD which deprives us regular ratepayers from getting an easy park in town. Thats inconsiderate parking in my opinion - although to quote from Lee Websters response - it's subjective of course. My opinion makes as much sense as Lee's - someone parking an hour in a 15 minute zone is not inconsiderate parking, it;s simple exceeding the time limit by 45 minutes. For every 30 minutes in excess of the time limit the fine goes up. These fines are set by national government, it's not up to the QLDC to summarily decide simply because someone has parked a little long it's a different offence. The QLDC have this wrong and anyone arguing against an inconsiderate parking ticket in court would undoubtedly win. I agree eventually there will be a lot of refunds.

    Posted 13/07/2018 7:34pm (7 months ago)


    I have been speaking to an employee from QLDC, and she told me that QLDC staff have NOT ISSUED ANY NOTICES FOR LITTERING over the past 12 wonder they didnt want to answer my question....they were too embarrassed by their much for last weeks "$100 fine warning"....they dont take littering seriously, and never have......

    Posted 15/07/2018 4:31pm (7 months ago)

  • Over&Out

    Mr Greeny ,You are quite correct.The QLDC are quite happy to ticket empty cars however they are simply not interested in face to face time with people that litter or exhibit anti social behaviour.The only interaction they are interested is via a call centre , online or if you can find a park and have the time across the counter .
    Heaven forbid they get themselfs a big flash HQ you will be more able to lose themselfs.

    Posted 16/07/2018 8:23pm (7 months ago)