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In Response to Last Weeks’ Editorial

February 11 2019

Your blaming immigration NZ for QTs problems? Wow, must have missed the last election. Queenstown needs to understand if you want to run a business you are going to have start attracting kiwis - which it has neglected for years, and stop this ‘they don’t want to work here attitude’ - it was fine argument when we were a tiny town but the growth in the last 5 years means you simply won’t be able to run it off immigrants any longer. QT has got to stop blaming everyone else for its problems, we are not a special case. Just have a think about this phrase you used ‘immigration NZ needs to hurry up so we can run our businesses’.

Also elaborate on this ‘sustainable growth you speak of?’ I’ve never seen sustainable growth in this region. It’s all done haphazardly with the view that public infrastructure needs to catch up to private needs. Jim has just come out and said this in regards to LTNZ fixing Ladies Mile. $22m of public money was spent on a 2 lane bridge which has done pretty much nothing due to ongoing growth.

Realistically, Kmart etc should never have been allowed to go ahead. 50 low paid jobs - including all the other box stores - and for what exactly? Money to be siphoned out of the area to large corporates. I’m not sure tourists were coming to shop at Kmart, but to get away from cities and into nature. So yes I’d expect a lot less tourists, and not stagnant but declining numbers. Airport was suggesting 5.1 million passengers by 2030 apparently? Good luck.

Air New Zealand’s change in forecast was for me a little surprising, I was expecting maybe 12 months before this happened, but that it would is no surprise. And if we turn to tourism itself, the IPCC has told us to half carbon emissions by 2030 to have some chance of a liveable world. How many people will be able to rationalise travelling halfway across the planet as we approach 1.5C of warming and beyond? We need to try to understand the world we now live in, not one where ‘growth’ is the measure of how a society is performing.


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  • Daniel

    Good points Jimmy. We basically need higher wages for the locals - whether they are kiwis or people with permanent residence so they can afford to live here.

    Posted 14/02/2019 3:07pm (5 months ago)

  • Daniel

    Also Jimmy - don't worry about those increasing airport passenger numbers. The imminent collapse of the Chinese inbound market predicted (quietly) by most industry analysts will keep those forecast numbers way down for the next 10 to 20 years.

    Posted 17/02/2019 3:47pm (5 months ago)

  • Jimmynoshoes

    Exactly higher wages for the low skilled jobs regardless of citizenship, I hadn't really read too much re Chinese until around the time the editorial was written but have caught up since. I think we heading into a mess with chinese relations, the Chinese government are telling their citizens to stop coming here. We're stuck between two large powers, I think we should start pulling away from the US - they are now seen by the international community as nothing more than a joke and are rapidly declining losing influence, but that wont happen. China are going after our 'biggest industry', although I think this claim is a little misleading (a lot of cost are incurred by the public for private gain - back to the infrastructure argument).

    So whilst I do agree in principle, higher wages will merely mean rents will go off to pay for the massive housing debt, this is why I support the more kiwi argument not out of xenophobia but because it could lead to better living conditions, lifesytle and lower rents, immigration wont work mainly because too much of the population is made up of people who will room share, bed hop, live with 10+ people in a home. Catch 22.

    Either way next 12-18 months will be interesting for the city, can we call it a city now, feels like it when I drive past Queenstown Central?

    Posted 17/02/2019 7:41pm (5 months ago)

  • Your Name Here

    Wanna get rid of bed-hops, room-sharers and so on? Stop work holiday visas as well as student (English language) visas in Queenstown.
    Those people bring nothing to contribute to the community and they only inflate the living costs for those of us who are here to build a life - migrant here myself by the way but living here for years now.
    Also increase the wages for locals - migrant or not.
    Ain’t easy but it is simple...

    Posted 22/02/2019 1:57pm (5 months ago)