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In Praise Of Daylight Saving Time

October 1 2018

Hooray - finally its DST again. I really hate standard time through winter - dark in the morning on the way to work and dark in the evenings on the way home again. No time in the sunlight at all for those who work during the week. Why can’t we stay in DST all year around and make that the standard time for New Zealand?

I love Daylight Saving because after work I can get out and enjoy a few hours of daylight after work, have a BBQ or go for a bike ride. Why don’t we have this opportunity all year round. There are also some compelling reasons for Daylight Savings all of which are as relevant, all year around. Studies have shown we are happier because on the increased exposure to the sun as it supports increased production of Vitamin D. Others have found DST helps alleviate depression. It also makes us feel safer. Increased daylight in the afternoon reduces the incidence of robberies and less assaults. If it was still light when you are driving home there is less chance of traffic accidents and in daylight we are more likely to walk places rather than jump in the car which is better for us and the environment. It just makes sense.

For those businesses who complain about having to be open in the morning when it’s dark and there are no customers - perhaps they could consider opening later in winter (10am, like sensible countries, actually that should be all year round). If we didn’t change it also means all the pesky issues at changeover time would be avoided. All those non digital clocks wouldn’t need changing and that painful getting used to different time changes twice a year would all be avoided.

Sun Lover

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