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I’m just doing my job!

July 20 2020

I’m just doing my job!

I am driver of a 12-seater taxi-van and work for Greencab Queenstown. On 11th July at1am, I took a group of people from downtown outside Cookie time to their place. When they were on board, I’ve asked ‘’may I ask how many stops will you have’’, but they didn’t answer. The first stop was to drop off their friends to Lower Shotover, and I end the taximeter with the fare at $53.15. Then I start meter again from there to Kawarau Falls.

However, once we have arrived and I show him the fare was another $73.78, with the total at $126.93, the gentleman became so offensive, and refused to pay and start to yell at me, ‘’are you trying to rip me off?! Last week I took a taxi only over 60 bucks, blablabla...‘’ I said ‘’if you don’t agree with the price you shouldn’t choose taxi to back home, and if you are over 4 people, our attribute charge is the van price, obviously little higher than a small taxi, otherwise, you will have to get two cabs which not worth for sure.’’

I tried to meet halfway at $100, but that man bargains a lot, our call centre staff said to make it $90 which he finally paid but was still unsatisfied and he insulting me “you are a dick, all your country’s propaganda shit are true and real’’. At that time, I was so pissed off but I can’t do much.

Honestly, I should let them know the fare, before we started the taximetre, is definitely going be over 100 bucks, from town to Quail rise and Lakeside Estate and suggest it’s better to have two cabs rather than come and back through Frankton hub.

I’m a hard worker man driving the night shift with good manners, followed everything by the company rules, but still suffering from the discrimination. It’s so disgraceful. (abridged - editor)


  • Erwin Steck

    Dear Finz,
    You did indeed try to rip them off -- although in this case it seems un-wittingly because you don't know your job!
    Rule #1: If you have a trip with multiple drop-offs, you do not stop the meter until you reach the final destination.
    Rule #2: From pick-up to destination you must choose the shortest route - this applies also to 'accumulated shortest distance' for multiple drop-offs. The shortest route usually means you drop-off the closest address first and the furtherest place last; this is where your meter gets stopped and you return to base. You cannot drive to the most distanced destination and then charge for your return back, because you still have passengers. (to illustrate, imagine your customer would've lived at Gibbston - or even Cromwell - instead of Lower Shotover, would you have driven to Cromwell first and then charge for your way back to Kawarau Falls !?) In other words, you should have gone to Kawarau Falls first, then carry-on to Lower Shotover. The side trip to Kawerau Falls would've added around $15.- to the fare: End result at Lower Shotover would be a fare of approximately $68.-.
    Then there's something even more disturbing in your letter: If your meter showed a $53.- fare from town to Lower Shotover, how comes the trip from there to Kawerau Falls (which is considerable shorter than return to town) would cost $73.-? Some 'rigging' here ?
    The rest of your rave also makes no sense: 100 bucks from town to Quail Rise (!!) when the meter says $53.- to Lower Shotover ?
    Un-principled charlatans like you should not be allowed to drive taxis, as you do a lot of damage to the reputation of the industry - and the entire tourist town.
    Finally, your customers did NOT 'discriminate' against you, but objected to your un-professional service.
    Ex Taxi Driver

    Posted 27/07/2020 11:13am (2 years ago)

  • Yournamehere

    I’d say not only theses drivers do a disservice to the job (taxistas already have a bad reputation) but mostly and perhaps worse whatever sh!tty things they try to pull will reflect badly on honest people from the same culture. Honest people who work hard and go out of their ways to do a better job and contribute to society end up getting stereotyped because of arseholes like this one.
    And get this: he thinks he’s right and so much so that he would take the to ramble for other people to see!
    Mate you’re in NZ now try and adapt to their culture (I’m not kiwi either) stop being the sleazy @ss like you were in your country and respect the people who let you in their country. Bare minimum you could do really...

    Posted 31/07/2020 2:34am (2 years ago)